4 Things Golfers MUST do to reduce pain and improve performance

4 Things Golfers MUST do to reduce pain and improve performance

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When I first picked up golf clubs in my mid-twenties to learn to play, I had to stop as I suffered with my back so badly - (check out my video on why I instruct to hear more about this if you have the remotest interest).

Having brought myself back from pain to enable me to play rugby and lift weights again, as well as to continue to learn to play golf (I'm still rubbish) I have found that the way I instruct particularly got great results with golfers.

It is also pretty well known most high level golf players have Pilates built in to their training programmes - Tiger swore by Pilates being an integral part of his training and conditioning.

When looking at the key things which hold golfers back and cause a significant amount of pain, particularly back, hip and shoulder pain, there are four areas to focus on which will iron (pardon the pun) out the problems for the majority of golfers.

I cover those 4 things off here but please get in touch if you would like any further information.


*** If you do have symptoms or pain, please consult a doctor or health professional before exercising.

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